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Our talent is finding yours


Who we are

Our Philiosophie is to refute old school recruitment practices.

The Big Cactus's team members believe in true consultancy, transparency and an on-going dialogue. We live and breathe social media – blogging, tweeting and constant networking is at the core of everything we do.

Our focus is on working with small and medium-sized businesses recruiting for mid-level and senior positions.

Our passion for generating buzz for each opening and our relentless drive to search beyond the expected are the ingredients of our success.

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How we work

The Big Cactus caters specifically to small & medium-sized businesses

We do not take on temporary mandates and do not engage in mass recruitment

We meet with every single client (hiring managers & job seekers)

Our strong internal company culture allows us to hire and retain the best recruitment consultants in the industry

We are not a 9-5 type of firm. When you need us outside of office hours or even on the week-end, we make ourselves available

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Integrity & Transparency

Everything we know about the candidate and client we will ensure you know as well. Our brutal honesty has helped us build exclusive partnerships with top employers and top-level job seekers in Paris and accross Luxembourg.


“Hire for culture, train for skill” is one of our favorite quotes. As our client, expect us to capture your company culture and to use it as the cornerstone of our recruitment strategy for you. As a job hunter, expect an atypical interview – we aim to get to know the real you.


Our recruitment methodology focuses on providing job seekers with a smooth, pleasant and positively memorable experience. We have created unique ways of ensuring that our candidates enjoy the entire job hunting process. .


Nos valeurs



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